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Hey everyone, it's been a long time, but let me catch you all up on what's happening in my life. First, apologies for not getting the word out to everyone, but anytime I see someone, I try to tell them exactly what's going down, so if you don't know, I must not see you very often! You should try to do something about that.

The news is that I'm moving to Virginia. I officially leave the wonderful land of New Jersey on February 15th.

Why? To be closer to normajean, of course! She's doing the school thing down there, and if you want more information, you'll just have to ask her.

However, I'm not leaving New Jersey forever, because I'm keeping my job at Datacor, as a telecommuter. Which should be fun, I hope! But this means that I'll have to occasionally make my way up to the lands of New Jersey, it seems like once a month or so, depending on schedules. So that should be fun, and allow me to do lunches and whatnot while I'm in the area.

So right now my apartment is a mess, and I'm tearing it apart and throwing everything away that I didn't have time to go through when I moved out from Drew University. It's crazy. But on the plus side, I found some fun things. For example, my passport, a digital Drew University phone (shhhhh), tennis balls, and Fargo on DVD.

I also found a stack of pictures from prom, high school graduation, and college. Lots of good memories, and they were nice to find, even if it means I'm probably a replicant.

So that's what's going on with me. Oh, I have some random stuff to give away. I have a briefcase that looks virtually new, and a 15" CRT monitor, and maybe some more stuff. If you want any of it for some reason, please let me know!

So....We Meet again...

Dick left himself logged in on my computer (silly, silly man.) Perhaps he forgot about the previous times he's done that. The pictures of John Calvin and the cast of Everwood should have made him realize that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea. I guess it didn't.

But perhaps this will:

I just think this is hilarious. :)

So I'm a dork

Hello everybody, I figured it was time for me to update with something, especially since I have something to talk about! I managed to get myself one of those new-fangled Nintendo Wiis everybody's talking about. Yes, I was one of "those" people standing in line in the cold outside of the local Target. But it wasn't that bad. I was fortunate enough to show up at a Target that didn't have a lot of people standing in line when I rolled around at 4:30am, and had around 80 Wiis in stock. Everyone was orderly and nice, and there was a minimal amount of gunfire and muggings. And by minimal amount, I mean none, unlike what happened at some PS3 releases I hear.

I just have the Wii Sports game so far, I decided to wait and see what games would be good. I was hoping to get a fun multiplayer game, but I couldn't find a good one so I just decided to hang out for a bit and see what happens.

Playing the Wii itself is a ton of fun, as almost anyone that has played one can tell you. It took normajean and I a few minutes to realize that to serve the tennis ball, one has to actually SWING the Wiimote, instead of pressing random buttons on it. After that, we got the hang of it and normajean managed to get an amazing 164 in Bowling, while I got a lousy 40 or 50. When I played it again later, I still didn't do near as good, so I think she must be a Wii Bowling Prodigy.

There is one problem with my Wii: I got an error when trying to connect to my wireless router. I called Nintendo today, and they said that the Wii would have to be replaced, BUT all I had to do was give them my address (and a credit card number) and they'd ship me a new Wii (within 10 business days) and then I'd have 3 weeks to ship the broken one back. If I didn't ship it back, they'd charge the credit card.

Seems to me that this has the potential for abuse, what with all the Wii shortages...


So syrian_sun said to me that it seemed like the last time I updated my livejournal it was about grape juice or something, and that she had no idea about what was really going on with my life. So I figure that in the spirit of a recap, I'll try to fill some of you in on what's going on with my life.

I graduated college, BA in Mathematics and another one in Computer Science. It's strange to know that an ungodly amount of money spent on my education is represented in a cheap laminated wallet-version of my diploma.

The Monday after graduation, I started my first "real" job at a chemical software company. That is, a company that makes software for chemical companies. I program in VB6 (woooo!) and I do a lot with Microsoft Access. Eventually I'm going to do training on our software, in addition to my current support and customization duties. When I start doing more training, I get to go on business trips, with an expense account and everything! I like what I do, and the people are really nice here. It's a small company, and I'm working in the smaller department. It's cool.

Since my job is so close, and since another Math/CS grad got a job in the same area, we went together and signed a lease on an apartment in Madison! With real keys and everything! If you want to visit or crash on my floor, I have two queen sized air mattresses, so just drop me a line and you're more than welcome.

I also got an NJ drivers license, and NJ plates for my car. Next up: having my car inspected!

Nowadays I'm trying to teach myself C# and playing more video games, since I now have more time.

Maybe now that I got this out of the way I'll actually try to do a semi-ish regular update, but I'll probably forget and just leave comments in other people's lj entries.

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I suck.

How much do I suck?

I maintain that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was okay, that Kate Capshaw was alright, and that Short Round was the best sidekick ever. I lose at life because I do not fully understand the intimate relationship that a movie's coolness shares with the existence of Nazis to fight in the name of truth, justice, and the American way.


So _yggdrasil got a hold of me and we decided that we needed to see Superman Returns today. Now since she showed up a wee bit early at my new apartment, we hung out beforehand, when the topic of Indiana Jones came up (and we decided that Nazis are the best villans ever, because they are so one dimensional). I admitted that Temple of Doom was the worst of the three, but I still say that its an Indiana Jones movie, and that Short Round kicks ass. "No time for love Dr. Jones!" I still stand by that.

It seems that while we were talking about this, she found her way onto my still-logged in lj account, and decided to update for me.

Thanks a lot!


I have a new default LJ icon

... your shadow, the dark side. C.G. Hume writes about it, in terms of the fact that every one of us has a dark side. And my dark side, my shadow, my lower companion is now in the back room blowing up balloons for kids' parties.
I am so hot


So right now I'm sorta delaying working on my Number theory paper on Fermat and I realized that this is the perfect place to extol the virtues of my new favorite non-alcoholic beverage: Capri Sun.

You might ask me why I decided to put up an image of a GRAPE Capri Sun rather than a more traditional Fruit Punch, or even Wild Cherry. It's because I just LOVE Grape Capri Sun, and I have no idea why. Usually I hate artificially grape flavored things, like grape jolly ranchers or carbonated beverage. But Grape Capri Sun somehow transcends those limitations.

I've been asked by kingfox to tell more traumatic stories about why I don't like certain types of food (When I was about 8 or so, I had a bad experience with Ham at a wedding in Omaha, and I've avoided the stuff since). I can't think of any other food stories right now, so I'll just mention that I used to buy a pack of Gushers and a Grape Capri Sun at lunch during High School, for a lot of my High School career. After High School, I had no ready supply of Capri Sun or Gushers, so that habit was replaced by chicken patties at the Commons.

But now that I've given up all non-diet carbonated beverages for Lent (I'm not Catholic, just doing it for solidarity with normajean) I've rediscovered my love for Capri Sun, as a non-carbonated sugary beverage.

I was going to leave this entry at that, but mentioning giving up stuff for Lent has reminded me of a weird story about my dad, and deciding that the family needed to give up TV for Lent, while I was in middle school. Someday I need to write an entire entry about my Dad (middle) and tell stories about how weird he is, but for now, I'm going to end it here.

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So today I got this email thing, and it said

Hey dickardo,

Your mutual friend kingfox has noticed that you last updated your journal on LiveJournal 50 weeks ago! Be a friend and go post. (http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml)

The LiveJournal Team

And I thought to myself, 50 weeks? Has it really been that long? And then I think about it, and I look at my last post, and I go "Yup."

So here I am, rectifying my mistake. I think I'm just avoiding cleaning my room and preparing for my interview tomorrow morning. If I remember, livejournal is good like that. It's good at letting me avoid doing the things that I really should be doing.

I think I'll read my friends page.